Tried, Proven, & Tested

Franchise systems that work through more than 10 years of Franchising experience.

From the same company
that grew the successful Franchise Brand: 
Minute Burger

Why it Works

Proven Franchisor Record

Through more than 40 years as a company in the food service business and over 20 years of Franchising experience through sister brand Minute Burger, BBQ Bob leverages on effective and proven franchising systems and expertise.

Proven Business Concept

BBQ Bob has been in the business of grilling delicious food since 2012.
With many successful locations, BBQ Bob has not only proven the brand to be profitable, it has also quickly become our customers' favorite convenient family meal!

Small Space, Big Potential

BBQ Bob's flexible store system can fit into small neighborhood locations (12-15 sqm) while generating profitable revenue.

Profitable even in Crisis

BBQ Bob's store network, though small, has proven to be strong even in times of crisis.
Through the expertise of the team behind the brand and the resilience of the business model, all stores have proven to turn a profit even during the on-going crisis.

Partners - not providers.

"When I saw their FB ads, I immediately contacted them and they promptly responded to my queries. They discussed with me the brand personality, business system, and franchise package details very well.

The BBQ Bob team guided me with my store opening journey from the franchise application up to the opening of my store. They were always one call away when I needed advice in making a decision when it came to the process and store operation.“ All throughout my franchising journey they were always on my side to guide me."

- Franchisee of BBQ Bob Aguirre, Paranaque-

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Benefit for our brand-building expertise, developed from growing our sister brand, Minute Burger. As brand owner, we invest in Market Research and insights to drive growth and brand strategy.

Operations Excellence

Make use of our operational systems especially developed for BBQ Bob, which aim to make multi-location management simpler for the talented entrepreneur. Make use of our online and offline Training modules for yourself and your crew.

Construction & Architectural Design

We provide store opening support from start to finish. We will assist you with site sourcing and will support you through the designing and construction of your stores.

Technology & Tools

We will provide you with the online and offline tools and processes that will help you be a better multi-location owner and operator.

Logistics & Delivery

Benefit from our nationwide distribution network that specializes in delivering highly perishable goods and frozen meat safely and efficiently.

Credibility & Certifications

Our manufacturing plants and commissaries are NMIS certified, HACCAP certified, and GMP certified. Our dedicated R&D and QA teams work around the clock to guarantee our products and production conditions are fresh and hygienic.

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