The Franchise Package

We are a multi-store franchise. The profitability of our system has been designed to work the best with at least two (2) stores.

When you become a BBQ Bob franchisee, our top priority is to work with you to open your first store within two (2) months and your second store within six (6) months of your first store's grand opening.

The Initial Investment


A full BBQ Bob store that offers the complete range of BBQ Bob favorites


Initial Franchise Terms: 4 years
Estimated Payback Period: 24 months

The initial investment is inclusive of:

Franchise Fees*
Refundable Stock Bond
Processing Fee
License to Operate (1) Full Take-Out Store*

Others to be discussed:

Store Construction (approx 14k/sqm)

Operating Hours

From the same company
that grew the successful Franchise Brand: 
Minute Burger

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How to Become a BBQ Bob Franchisee

1 Attend our a Presentations

Attend our informative BB101 and BB102 presentations to explore the opportunity of becoming a BBQ Bob Franchisee. This presentation will help you understand the brand and its systems, as well as the total investment breakdown to own and operate BBQ Bob franchised stores.

2 Submit Your Documents

Are you ready to seal the deal? Together with your application form and letter of intent, submit your documents to begin processing your Franchise application!

3 Pass our Interviews

Franchisee-Franchisor fit is important to us, as we take our long-term partnerships very seriously. We will have a series of screening interviews that qualify Franchisees to own and operate Franchised BBQ Bob stores.

We're looking for partners with strong entrepreneurial spirit and solid growth plans. Preferred Applicants are those who are ready and able to start and operate multi-unit locations, with liquid capital of at least Php 1.2M (2 stores).

4 Become a Franchisee

Welcome to the BBQ Bob Franchisee Family! We are ready to support you through the journey of starting your own business – bolstered by our franchise systems that have been developed over 35 years.

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